Karndean floor cleaning Luton Bedfordshire

Karndean Floor Cleaning Luton Bedfordshire

categoryHard Floor Cleaning
locationAugust 2017

Karndean Floor Cleaning Luton Bedfordshire We recently completed this Karndean floor cleaning in Luton Bedfordshire. The floor is about 9 years old and has never been professionally cleaned or maintained and the customer wanted to see what we could do with it. Karndean is a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) which is very hard wearing and […]

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Hard floors and your carpets

“The carpet in my lounge doorway looks really dirty” This is something we often hear from customers before they have their carpet cleaned in Bedfordshire. So why do the doorway areas of your carpet get really dirty and will carpet cleaning help? Rapid resoiling can occur when hard floor surfaces are laid adjacent to carpeted areas. This […]

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Tile Floor Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning in Bedfordshire When a tiled floor is laid in your home, it is usually for two reasons: practicality and simplicity when it comes to keeping clean your floor clean… or so we are led to believe. Tile and stone floors should be easy to keep clean if done correctly and regularly. Unfortunately, advice […]

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