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Most consumers are forced to find out their own information on leather cleaning and care products as retailers generally give little or no maintenance instructions with their furniture.  What information is given is often incorrect and misleading. ‘Low maintenance’ is often interpreted as ‘no maintenance’. This can cause great problems for the consumer as the products available on the market are often not well tested or backed up with clear product advice.


Leather cleaning in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Leather represents a large percentage of furniture sold today, and with so many different options available for different sized pockets, it’s becoming more and more popular among consumers who have quickly realised the benefits of leather. It is more durable than fabric so it lasts longer, but has to be cared for properly.

Leather adjusts to body temperature making it very comfortable to sit on. With it now being more affordable, there are suites to suit all pockets. Leather should be cleaned and cared for, and when done properly, maintains a beautiful appearance throughout its life.

But only if you look after it.

Regular cleaning is a crucial part of leather furniture care. Not only does it remove dirt and oils that could break down your leather’s protective coating, but it’ll also help maintain the moisture balance. And that’s important when it comes to protecting against spills and stains.

We get that it’s not easy to do though. That’s where Five Star Furnishing Care comes in.

The most reliable leather cleaning in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

If your leather is looking tired or you’re doing the right thing and looking for a regular clean, you’ve come to the right place. At Five Star, we’re reliable, we’re experienced and we genuinely care about doing a good job.

How else would we keep getting all these recommendations and referrals?!

Being a family business, we know how much it matters to find a dependable cleaning company that you can trust to come into your home and do a great job. So that’s exactly the sort of service we’re committed to providing.

With one visit from our highly experienced leather team, you’ll restore your furniture back to its natural beauty and extend its lifetime dramatically.

 Using safe and up-to-date cleaning and protection solutions, we’ll provide extensive leather cleaning services for all kinds of leather. Whether it’s pigmented, aniline, nubuck or suede cleaning that you need, you’ll bring your furniture back to life with a Five Star clean.

So if you’re looking for the best leather cleaning service in Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, call us for a chat on 0808 144 0190 or click the button below to request a callback.

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We’ll talk you through what you need and arrange your free, no obligations quotation too.

The safest pair of hands (and it really is hands only!)

Over many years, our specialist team have developed a unique step-by-step approach to leather cleaning and leather restoration. There’s no “one treatment fits all” method here. And the results are almost unbelievable. Almost.

We’ll apply the perfect treatment for your type of leather entirely by hand. The only machine involved is the vacuum cleaner we use to remove surface dust right at the start.

Then we’ll apply a special foaming solution before carefully wiping to loosen any ingrained dirt from the leather. We’ll put on a leather protector too, to prevent future soiling seeping in.

Okay, so there’s a bit more to it than that. But we’ll let you in on more of our leather cleaning secrets during the job, and draw your attention to any areas of concern too. (We’re talking things like parts of the leather that are starting to dry out because of nearby heat sources.)


Leather repair & re-colouring

Bring damaged or burnt leather back to life with a repair or recolour job by Five Star

Sick of hiding a nasty burn on your leather sofa? Had enough of the ink scribbles that your kids so lovingly added to your luxurious leather chair? Getting a replacement should be a last resort.

Because the chances are, you can get your leather back to its natural beauty with a leather repair job by Five Star Furnishing Care.

Ask us to pop by to take a look at the extent of the damage that’s been done to your leather and we’ll give you a free, no obligation quotation. We’ll be honest about the likelihood of a successful repair too. (Let’s face it, a failed job doesn’t exactly reflect well on us.)

And if it’s a recolouring job you need, we can help you there too. Give us a quick call and tell us what colour you’re after and we’ll let you know what we can do.

No reason not to get a quote

With so many years’ experience, you won’t find a better leather cleaning service in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Hertfordshire than from Five Star Furnishing Care. So if your leather needs a little TLC, give us a ring on 0808 144 0190 or request a callback by clicking the button below.

Click the button and pop your details in the form to request a call back at a time to suit you. Request Callback

General Leather Care Tips

To maintain the rich natural look of your leather furniture, we offer the following recommendations:

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  • Avoid using or placing sharp objects on leather goods, leather is very durable, but not accident or damage proof
  • Dust or vacuum the surface of the leather weekly, this will remove light surface soiling.
  • Avoid placing leather furniture near any heat source or in direct sunlight, this can lead to the leather drying out & cracking. Place the furniture a minimum of two feet away from radiators or other heat source.
  • Blot up any spillages immediately. Never use saddle soaps, oils, baby wipes, all purpose cleaners or solvents. Use of these products could damage the finish and lead to costly repairs. Modern tanning techniques do not require such products, most spills should blot up easily with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Clean your leather with an approved cleaning solution, monthly if the furniture is heavily used, but at least four times a year, followed by an application of leather protector. This should be done in conjunction with regular professional cleaning.