Stain Protection

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Your soft furnishings in your home are an important investment and obviously you want them to stay that way. Unfortunately accidents can and inevitably will happen and when they do, if left, a spill can result in a permanent stain.


What is Stain Protector

No protector will make fabric or fibres 100% stain proof, but a good quality protector will give the maximum possible protection against stains.

How does it work?
The protector works by forming an invisible barrier around each individual fibre, this gives the fibres maximum protection against dirt, spill & stains. It prevents dry soil from sticking to the fibres, there vacuuming is more efficient in removing dry soil. It will help reduce abrasion to the fibres, one of the most common causes of wear, it will not change the look, feel, smell or colour of your carpet or upholstery. *Most spills will bead on the surface of the fibres giving you time to fetch a piece of kitchen towel and simply blot up the spill (see our spot removal guide).

The protector coats the fibres, it does not stop them from getting dirty, but it will stop the dirt sticking to them, making it easier to vacuum off. The protector will gradually wear off on heavily used areas, so will need to be re-protected at least every other clean.