The results are in! (NCCA Clean Survey)

The NCCA took to the British public with their Spring Clean Survey to undercover general attitudes towards cleanliness and cleaning habits.


Here are the results for East Anglia.




The survey found that 50% of typical households considered it rude if guests did not take their shoes off when visiting their house. This is higher than in other areas of the UK. However, around 8% of those admitted to wearing their own shoes around the house.


The survey revealed that 80% of people had brought mud into their home, and 25% admitted to treading dog poo in their carpet. Dog mess carries a wealth of bacteria, and if it is not removed promptly and correctly, it can be passed on to adults, children and other animals. Professional cleaning can ensure elimination of such germs and bacteria.


Under a fifth of those surveyed said that they’d changed a baby’s nappy on the carpet which is relatively low in comparison to other areas. Some carpets may look clean on the surface, but the visible grime we notice is just the tip of the iceberg. Over 85% of soil is buried deep within the carpet pile, and most domestic vacuum cleaners and steamers haven’t got what it takes to get rid of these deep-down germs.


I wonder how many of the 40% who revealed that they exercise, and the 20% of those who’ve had sex on the carpet in their home, have thought about what might be lurking in their carpets. Professional cleaning not only improves the appearance of carpets and upholstery, but also creates a more hygienic environment, by removing accumulated soil and debris.


It is not uncommon to rest in our beds and on our sofas when feeling unwell, as 60% uncovered. It is crucial to keep your home clean to prevent spreading germs further around the house, and even to the wider community. NHS research has shown that 2/3 of Britons don’t follow basic hygiene, which makes the need for regular, professional cleaning all the more important.


And results for the South East:



While the results are fairly similar, there are some regional differences when it comes to cleanliness. 


Article adapted from and results from NCCA website: