No Stress Stain Removal

categoryCleaning Spills
locationNovember 2018

There’s no use crying over spilt milk, so they say. That doesn’t mean you don’t go into panic mode when you’re facing a stain on your carpet.   Christmas is a prime time for spills in your home. You’ve got more people than usual over, treading winter shoes through the house, and dancing precariously with […]

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Carpet Cleaning Hitchin from

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

A sparkling, clean carpet makes a big difference to the overall appearance of a house. You can polish the furniture and decorate with flowers all you like but a dull and dirty carpet will instantly bring down the appearance of any room. That’s why we want to give you a few hints on how to […]

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Carpet Spot removal

Carpet Spot Removers

3 Out Of 4 Causing A Spot Of Bother… Most of us realise that when it comes to garnering information or seeking advice on the internet there are some dubious sources out there and we shouldn’t believe everything we see and read. So how do we decide who to trust? For the news we might […]

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