Uses for garlic (that aren’t to do with cooking) 

locationJanuary 2020

Uses for garlic (that aren’t to do with cooking)


Garlic is a popular addition to many recipes around the world, but it also has quite a few other uses that you may not be aware of…



Here’s one you may not have heard before…

Rubbing half a clove onto the problematic area can help to combat acne. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce irritation, and the allicin will kill bacteria that clogs up your pores and causes breakouts.


Athletes foot-

Mix some olive oil and minced garlic together. Using a cotton bud, apply it to the affected area. Keep applying this treatment for a while after the symptoms have gone, to make sure its definitely gone!


Removing splinters –

Slice a garlic clove in half and tape it to the area where the splinter is with a bandage. Apparently, this will help to remove the splinter due to the antibacterial properties that it has.


Help to grow your hair-

Want faster hair growth… apparently garlic can help.

Add it to your shampoo and use as normal through your hair. If you fancy, you can buy garlic infusion oil which you can massage into your hair.


Repel mosquito’s-

Mosquito’s giving you the run around? Get an unpeeled clove and rub it all over your skin. They will hate the stench and keep away from you…although the smell may keep few others away too!


Make your own glue-

If you’ve ever finely chopped garlic, you’ll know how sticky it can be. So…if you’ve got an envelope that is no longer sticky, crush a garlic clove and rub the juices onto the seal. Watch the magic happen…


Garlic surface cleaner-

Another one you probably wouldn’t of thought of! Chop up 3-4 cloves of garlic, toss them in a spray bottle and pour in some white wine vinegar. Add some lemon oil to make it smell lovely and then use as a disinfectant spray. Lovely job!