The Phenomenon of carpet shading

locationAugust 2016

Carpet Shading – What is It?  Carpet Shading -

A carpet or rug may seem to go lighter or darker in colour than the surrounding areas. It is simply an optical effect caused by changes in the direction of the pile lay and made visibleby the different way light is reflected off the carpet surface.

When you look at the carpet from one angle, these areas will appear to be lighter than the rest of the carpet, viewed from the other side, these areas appear darker. This condition is called shading, sometimes referred to as Pile Reversal, Pooling or watermarking.

Carpet pile has a natural slope in one direction. As long as the tufts slant in the same direction the carpet will have a uniform colour throughout.

However, over a period of time some of the tufts may slant against the normal pile lay which causes a variation in the way light is reflected from the surface of the carpet. CArpet pooling - These changes in the direction of the carpet pile usually occur gradually in traffic areas or in front of frequently used furniture. However, in some cases shading can occur in areas of less traffic and even under furniture, it can even be present in brand new carpets!

Shading occurs  most frequently on dense, deep, cut pile carpet and the problem is most obvious on solid coloured carpets – patterned carpets hide the issue pretty well. In some cases shading can become more evident after the carpet is cleaned which can lead to the client believing the shading occurred during the cleaning process, once we explain to the client that the shading was probably not visible before cleaning because of the placement of furniture, lighting or uniform soiling over the carpet they usually understand.

Shading does not affect the wear or durability of a carpet and is not a manufacturing defect or fitting fault, it cannot be predicted or prevented.

Little can be done to prevent or correct shading, it is a characteristic of certain types of carpet, however it can be helped by brushing the pile in one direction during daily or weekly maintenance.

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