Which Doormats are best?

Which is the best doormat to use in our home?

This is a question we are regularly asked by our customers after we have cleaned there carpets in Bedfordshire or finished some hard floor cleaning in Bedfordshire and there is only one type of doormat we ever recommend and use ourselves.

They tell us they have tried many different types of mats over the years from coconut mats, nylon mats, pieces of carpet, rubber mats and some even resort to using cardboard to take water and mud of footwear when it is wet outside, all of these have a purpose but none of them do it very well.

Can you imagine getting out of the shower and trying to dry yourself with any of these – how absorbent are they, not very. Take a look  at your lovely fluffy towels you use at home, check the label and you’ll see they are made from 100% cotton a naturally very absorbent fibre which holds moisture in place.

Which door mat from www.goldstarfurnishingcare.co.ukThe only mats we recommend are very similar to that lovely fluffy towel you have in your bathroom, they are 100% cotton with a soft rubber backing and the great thing is you can simply chuck them in the washing machine and they come out like new, ready to use again.

Why do we only recommend these type of mats – simple really, we use them ourselves both in the business and at home, the photo on the left shows the one we use when entering a customers home, we lay it out in the porch or hallway as we enter the property, change from our outdoor shoes on it and also use it to place our equipment on as we bring it into the home.

If you look closely at the photo you can see wet footprints where the mat has absorbed all the moisture from my shoes on a particularly wet day.

We also use one of these mats in the back of our vanWhich is the best doormat from www.goldstarfurnishingcare.co.uk helping to keep the floor clean and dry, you can imagine how many times a day we are in and out of the van getting equipment out, putting it back, going into the back of the van then forgetting what it was i went in there for! As you can see from this photo it has taken a lot of soiling off footwear recently but once washed it will come up like new and be fully absorbent again.

Just to give you an idea how cost effective these mats are, the one we use in your home is over 8 years old while the one in the back of the van is over 12 years old – both are heavily used and regularly washed.

So where can you get these great mats from I hear you ask – their are many similar types of these mats around, many of which are made of nylon or nylon mixed with other fibres and they’re cheap, they don’t hold moisture in the same way and don’t last anyhere near as long. The only ones we recommend  are the genuine Dirt Trapper mats from  Dirtcatcher, take a look at there range of mats  here They’re not the cheapest but as you see from my comments above, they are certainly value for money.