8 ways to make cleaning less of a chore 

locationSeptember 2021

8 ways to make cleaning less of a chore 


I won’t lie and tell you I can make cleaning super fun for you because I realise that the majority of people simply find cleaning an awful, tiresome chore.



It’s just one those things in life that you have to do, whether you enjoy it, tolerate it or hate it. Most people who hire a cleaner will probably still have to do some cleaning  in their life.


On the plus side, we can give you a few tips to make it just a little bit easier and more pleasurable.

Following these tips may just make it less of a chore.


  1. Listen To LOUD Music
    Forget being an elegant housewife (or husband). Music entertains and distracts us and having a little dance and sing while you clean can make it seem less boring.
  2. Make It A workout
    Cleaning can be hard work anyway so why not make it your exercise for the day, too. Add some extra rigour to your jobs to burn those extra calories.
  3. Plan Ahead
    This might sound even less like fun, but if you’ve planned your routine there’s less time wasted thinking about where to start. It may not be more fun but it’ll be more efficient And efficient = finishing sooner.
  4. Have A Catch-up
    If you’ve got calls to return or people you haven’t spoken to in a while why not use that time to give them a call and have a good chat. Attach your headphones or a bluetooth headset and natter away. You could even encourage them to do the same, they might thank you for the tip.
  5. Ready, Steady, Go!
    We’ve said this one before, but setting yourself a timer can be a very effective way of making you work faster and more efficiently. You could also time yourself and see if you can beat your record each time, if you’re particularly competitive.
  6. Get Everyone Involved
    Unless you live alone, in which case you could try a house-cleaning share with some single friends, there’s probably at least one other person who can help you. Get everyone organised and make it a group activity. If you’re a competitive family turn it into a game and reward the person who does the most chores or cleans their room the fastest. If you’re less competitive, simply arrange a treat for you all afterwards for something to look forward to.
  7. Eyes On The Prize
    If you’re struggling with the thought of cleaning try to focus on the positive outcomes. How much you like the look of the sink when it’s sparkling clean, how satisfying it feels afterwards and how you definitely don’t want to live in a filthy house.
  8. Little And Often
    If you get to ‘cleaning day’ and absolutely dread losing so much time doing the whole house in one go, maybe you should consider cleaning more often. The time you’ll save doing small cleaning chores throughout the week be taken off the total of your big clean at the weekend.