Seasonal Halloween activities for the whole family!

locationOctober 2022

Halloween is right around the corner and whether your a fan of the event or not why not embrace it and get involved in some fun filled family activities!



Here are a few ideas of things you can all get involved in together…


Local events

Have a look in a local magazine, newspaper or online for your local Halloween activities. Pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, mazes and spooky trails will be fun for all the family. Check out pages like the national trust who often do lots of local events or places like garden centres who usually hold seasonal activities.



Halloween is a great time for coming up with creative recipes and getting messy in the kitchen. You can let the little ones create their own spooky cupcakes or make some monster treats – they’ll enjoy making a mess and then eating their creations. Pop on a playlist of spooky songs and make an evening of it!


Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts can be fun for both adults and children and you can get super creative when it comes to Halloween. You can make decorations for your home and the kids will love having their creations being part of the decor. Let their imagination run wild. Pumpkins are a great thing to be creative with, you can carve them, paint them and then use them to decorate your home with after. You could also make your own trick or treating bags to take out or put together your own outfit. It’s fun for the kids and something for the family to do altogether.


Halloween Games

There are loads of Halloween games which as fun for the whole family. Traditional games like bobbing apples can be very fun for the whole family. Another great and fun game is ‘mummy making’ all you need for this is a person and some toilet roll. You can all have fun creating your mummy by wrapping the toilet role around as quick as possible (this can get very competitive). Don’t forget about telling spooky stories! Turn all the lights off, light some candles and take it in turns to tell ghost stories, depending on the age of the people you can make them as realistic or as fun as you want. Take a look online for loads of great spooky and fun games ideas.


Trick or treating

You cant forget the most fun activity of them all! You can all dress up in the scariest costume you can find (or your own home made ones) and head out on an adventure with some sweet bags in hand. The kids will love venturing out in the dark and filling their bags with as many treats possible (don’t eat them all at once) Make it an event and meet up with other families/friends. It’s also great way for families to spend time together.